On the banks of the Wabash
(My childhood home)

				T&M: Paul Dresser

                 F           Bb                        F
Round my Indiana homested wave the corn-fields,
                                    G7                           C7
in the distans loom the wood-lands clear and cool.
          F                      Bb                        F
Often times my tho'ts revert to sceens of child-hood,
                                      C7                     F
where I first recieved my lessons natures school.
                                  C7                  Bb
But one thing there's missing in the picture,
  G7                                       C7
without her face it seems so incomplete,
  F                      Bb                  F
I long to see my mother in the door-way,
                                      C7                    F
as she stood there years ago her boy to greet.

	Oh, the moonlights fair tonight along the Wabash,
	from the fields there comes a breath of new-mown hay.
	Throught the sycamores the candle-lights are gleaming,
	on the banks of the Wadash far away.

Many years have passed since I strolled by the river,
arm and arm with sweetheart Mary by my side.
It was there I tried to tell her that I loved her,
it was there I begged of her to be my bride.
Long years have passed since I strolled thro the churchyard,
she's sleeping there my angel Mary dear.
I loved her but she thought I didn't mean it,
still I'd give my future, where she only here.

	Oh, the moonlight fair........
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