My Childhood home
(Ursprungligen en amerikansk låt (On the banks of the Wabash)
som fick en svensk text av Karl-Ewert (Barndomshemmet). Sedan 
har en E. Einar Kron åter skrivit en engelskspråkig översättning 
av den svenska texten.)

					T: E. Einar Kron 
					M: Paul Dresser

There where grain fields blithely blowing in the breezes,
And beyond, the dark green forest gleams so tall,
Stands the red and cozy cottage that so pleases,
In my childhood 'twas my home, and I recall
There in summer on green pastures shone the bright sun,
When an eighteen year old, there was my dear home.
Memories of those days through my mind so oft run,
They're most beautiful, the best, where'er I roam.

	From the land that's in the west to home in Sweden
	Oft my thoughts return, I truly must confess,
	Though so many hours and days have flown by since then,
	Childhood home I've not forgotten, none the less.

Now I'm old and live in memories' deep valley,
I do think of childhood home I left behind,
That which captured childhood thoughts so very ably,
Now stands out so very life-like in my mind.
In my home I did receive all that I needed,
Now I'm grown and understand what they taught me,
For my parents taught me well, and them I heeded,
Now they're gone, and from this earthly life they're free.

	From the land that's in the west to home in Sweden

And my sweetheart, there was no one fully like her
in my life she always shone as my bright sun,
Now she sleeps, for death did come and take her,
I'm so lonely in this world since she has gone,
As I grasp my staff to travel to my homeland,
As mirage this land I seek is never near,
Nay, out here I'll die and here my grave stand
far from childhood home and all whom I hold dear.

Swedish lyrics: Karl-Ewert
English translation: E. Einar Kron
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