Smoke gets in your eyes
(Rök i ögat)

				T: Otto Harbach
				M: Jerome Kern

They asked me how I knew,
my true love was true,
I of course replied:
"Something here inside
cannot be denied."
They said: " Someday you'll find
all who love are blind,
you must realize:
Smoke gets in your eyes".

So I called them and I gaily laughed
to think they could doubt my love.
Yet to-day
my love has flown away,
I am without my love.
Now laughing friends deride,
tears I cannot hide.
So I smile and say
"When a lovley flame dies,
smoke gets in your eyes.

Inspelning(ar): Diana Miller / Nils Södermans kvart. / 02 apr 1943 / Sonora Swing 577 / Instrumental / Kjeld Bonfils, piano / 15 aug 1945 / Odeon D 5195 / Instrumental / Nils Larsson, gitarr / 03 aug 1943 / Odeon D 5196 / Raquel Rastenni / Hans Schreibers ork. / Kph. 27 mar 1945 / Sonora E 5001 /
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