Sailor Jansson
(Jungman Jansson)

				Eng.T: Helen Asbury
				M: Dan Andersson

Hey, yeo-ho, sailor Jansson,
Now the morning wind is blowing,
Now last night is past forever,
And the Constancy must go.
If you've kissed your mother's cheek
And mingled tears with Stina's, flowing
- If you've had your swig of brandy,
Then sing hey, yeo-ho!

Hey, yeo-ho, sailor Jansson,
Do you fear your little lady
Will betray you, yes, betray you
For another sailor beau?
Though your heart is beating fast
- As twinkle stars in dawnlight shady,
Turn your nose out to the tempest
And sing hey, yeo-ho!

Hey, yeo-ho, sailor Jansson,
Maybe Fate will have you falling
Not among the lovely ladies,
But where sharks swim to and fro;
And among the ragged coral
Maybe death awaits your calling
- He is hard, but he is honest,
So sing hey, yeo-ho.

Maybe some day you will have
A little farm in Alabama,
While your hair is growing greyer,
And the years are sifting slow.
Maybe you'll forget your Stina
For a girl in Yokohama —
That is careless, but it's human
- So sing hey, yeo-ho!
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -