Midsommar song
Deicated to Ragnar Hasselgren, Carl Svenson and all the Midsummer singers

				T: Ted Olsson
				Mel: Jan Johnson's Wedding

We had a grand Midsummer just the other day.
We sang and danced, we ate and drank: yoo betcha ve did play.
The maypole stood so tall and bright
We danced around it all the night
Ja you bet your life we had a Glad Midsommar.

O der var Carl Anderson, John Anderson, Nils Anderson, och Ole Anderson;
Peder Anderson, och Sven Anderson, och Anders Anderson var dare tooo.

Svea was beguiling, and Columbia was a tease
The Queen she was so beautiful, her parents were so pleased.
The Maids of Honor were so much fun,
I danced with almost everyone
Ja you bet your life we had a Glad Midsommar.

O der var Anders Carlson, John Carlson, Nils Carlson, och Ole Carlson;
Peder Carlson, Sven Carlson, och Carl Carlson, he var dare tooo.

My heart was pounding oh so fast as I danced with each and all-a
I felt that I had died and gone to Valhalla
But when I dreamed that night in bed
My wife kicked me out onto my head
Yet still it was a Glad Midsommar.

O der var Anders Johnson, Carl Johnson, Nils Johnson, och Ole Johnson;
Peder Johnson, Sven Johnson, och John Johnson, he vas dare tooo.

The lunch var so gud that I ate most everything
Sausage, meatballs, fish, and salads, cheeses och herring,
Crayfish drowned with aquavit
And beer to quell the heat
Ja you bet your life I napped at that Midsommar.

O der var Anders Nilson, Carl Nilson, John Nilson, och Ole Nilson;
Peder Nilson, Sven Nilson, och Nils Nilson, he var dare tooo.

We sang throughout the afternoon and well into the night
The old songs sounded sweet though we sang with all our might.
With Swedish costumes everywhere
I remembered friends no longer here
Still, we'll long remember that Glad Midsommar!

O der var Anders Pederson, Carl Pederson, John Pederson, och Nils Pederson;
Ole Pederson, Sven Pederson, och Peder Pederson, he var dare tooo.

I've been to many a Midsummer, almost all my life,
As a child, and a bachelor, and now with my wife.
Despite pageants and the gala ball
This year's was the best of all.
we'll long remember this Gla Midsommar.

Der var Anders Olsson, Carl Olsson, John Olsson, och Nils Olsson;
der Olsson, Sven Olsson, och Ted Olsson, he var dare tooo.
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -