Jan Johnson's Wedding

				T: Swan Ganderson and Ed. F. Pollock 
				M: L. E. West

We had a fancy party at the hall the other day,
we had a jolly time that's what all the people say.
And all the Swedes for miles around come dressed up in their best,
to Johnny Johnson and Cecilia Jenson's wedding.

	There was Charlie Anderson and Emil Anderson
	and Gustaf Anderson and Carl Anderson
	and Per Anderson and Hjalmar Anderson
	and Andrew Anderson was there too.

The bride she looked so lovely 'cause she was dressed in white.
Her hair was trimmed with roses, her face with smiles so bright.
But when the preacher said, "Ja, nu är du Johnson's wife,"
then we all jumped up and sang at Johnson's wedding.

	There was Charlie Larson and Emil Larson
	and Gustaf Larson and Carl Larson
	and Per Larson and Hjalmar Larson
	and Lars Larson was there too.

We had a lot to eat that night, the supper it was fine,
The knäckebröd and lutfisk I ate most all the time.
With lingon också sylta och kaffe och sockerbit,
ya, that's what we had to eat at Johnson's wedding.

	There was Charlie Nelson and Emil Nelson
	and Gustaf Nelson and Carl Nelson
	and Per Nelson and Hjalmar Nelson
	and Nels Nelson was there too.

We had a case of whiskey, and we had a keg of beer,
and when all that was slut, we went and got some mer.
The bride, she just drank akvavit, but Johnson, he drank beer.
And the rest of us got drunk at Johnson's wedding.

	There was Charlie Olson and Emil Olson
	and Gustaf Olson and Carl Olson
	and Per Olson and Hjalmar Olson
	and Olle Olson was there too.

We played a lot of games that night, but yee we sure had fun.
The girls, they were so yolly, I kissed most every one.
My wife, she took me by the arm, said, "That's enough for you."
Well, I never will forget Johanson's wedding.
	There was Charlie Peterson and Emil Peterson
	and Gustaf Peterson and Carl Peterson
	and Per Peterson and Hjalmar Peterson
	and Pete Peterson was there too.

And so next day when we woke up, we all was sick in bed.
We drank för mycket brännvin, that's what the people said.
But everybody kept talkin', "Yee what a yolly time we had."
Ya, you bet your life we did at Johnson's wedding.

	There was Charlie Swanson and Emil Swanson
	and Gustaf Swanson and Carl Swanson
	and Per Swanson and Hjalmar Swanson
	and Swan Swanson was there too.

Inspelning(ar): Ragnar Hasselgren / Gitarr / Cal. 1948 / Harmony Music 6 /
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