Two dirty little hands
(Fem smutsiga små fingrar)

			T&M: Cobb & Edwards

Little towhead, tumbled in bed; 
two dirty hands go with him.
Dirty with play, dirty all day,
mother too cross to forgive him.
Angry is she, sobbing is he,
See how his great tears fall.
Till he drops off to sleep and
his little mind creeps far away from the cause it all.

	Ten dirty little fingers, on two dirty little hands,
	ten dirty little fingers, that have broken all commands.
	What would she do without them? A mother understands,
	bless his little heart and soul and dirty little hands.

Dreaming that night, robed all in white,
at heaven's gate she sees him waiting. 
Knocking he stands, with his two dirty hands,
when an angel without hesitating,
Cries, "Welcome! Come in! Your hands are begrimed
but your poor little soul still is white."
Then the mother, near blind theough her ters,
wakes to find Entwined 'round her neck snug and tight.

	Ten dirty little fingers...........

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