I confess
(Utan dej)

				T: Jack Lawrence
				M: Gunnar Hoffsten

There's an expression, that true confession, 
lightnens your soul and your heart.
Now in the night time, now is the right time,
for true confessions to start, dear.

		I confess it's you that I adore,
		I confess each day I love you more.
		Is it sinful to kiss you and thrill, 
		if it's sinful than darling I'm guilty.
		I confess the dreams I can't contol,
		you posess my dreams, my very soul.
		I'm your's for the taking, I'll never give less,
		so answer yes, confess what I confess.

Inspelning(ar): Sara Vaughn / Percy Faith orch. / 30 dec 1952 / Philips B 21 007 / Perry Como / Orchestra / ? / Victor /
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