(Svensk version)

				T: Willard Trask
				M: Trad.

O Värmeland, O homeland, O fair, happy land.
the crown thou that crowns the lands around thee!
Though Paradise should open, I still should choose thee.
O Värmland, I pray that naught confound thee!
As there pass my lifetime, so there I would die,
And Värmeland shall give me what gold cannot buy,
My wife will I choose among her maidens.

And when you go a-wooing, it's there that you should go,
To Värmeland, my friend — here's nowhere better,
In Värmeland, our maidens are true gifts of God.
So find one, and do your best to get her.
But if you would woo there, cast cares all away!
Our girls like sunny faces and hearts always gay.
So smile, boy! Or not a girl will have you.

In Värmeland a young lad is always strong and proud;
The wide world holds naught that can affright him.
The King commands — he's ready, and marches proudly off,
With sword-gleam and cannon-flash to light him.
Did thousands beset him, his spirit would rejoice;
No fear he'd feel, but fight still, and know no other choice
Than perish or win the fight with honor.

Will he not fight with courage, with courage and joy,
Will he not his young life's blood shed gladly,
Who knows at home his mother is kneeling in prayer,
His sweetheart beside her sighing sadly,
A true Värmeland's maiden, pure affection in her eyes?
The King commands — he's ready, and she shall be the prize
Of vict'ry — and shall he then not conquer?
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