Wolverton Mountain
(Djupt in i skogen)

				T: Claude King
				M: Merle Kilgore

They say don't go, on Wolverton Mountain,
If you're looking for a wife.
'Cause Clifton Clowers, has a pretty young daughter,
He's mighty handy with a gun and a knife.

	Her tender lips, are sweeter than honey,
	And Wolverton Mountain protects her there.
	The bears and the birds tell Clifton Clowers,
	If a stranger should enter there.

All of my dreams are on Wolverton Mountain,
I want his daughter for my wife.
I'll take my chances and climb that mountain,
Though Clifton Clowers, he might take my life.

	Her tender lips....

I'm going up, on Wolverton Mountain,
It's too lonesome down here below.
It's just not right, to hide his daughter,
From the one who loves her so.

	Her tender lips....

I don't care 'bout Clifton Clowers.
I'm gonna climb up on his mountain.
I'm gonna take the girl I love
I don't care about Clifton Clowers
I'm a gonna climb up on that mountain
And I'll get the one I love
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