When lights are low
(I dämpat ljus)

				T: Spencer Williams
				M: Benny Carter

Sweet music, soft and mellow,
soothing and slow,
strains of a mellow cello
when lights are low.
Dear, we're so close together,
I love you so,
why think about the weather,
when lights are low?
Two hearts revealing,
music hath charms,
life's so appealing,
with inspiration, in your arms,
our lips meeting, soft and tender,
love's all aglow,
why shouldn't we surrender,
when lights are low?

Inspelning(ar): Instrumental / Svenska Hotkvintetten / 23 okt 1940 / Columbia DS 1227 / Instrumental / Lionel Hampton and orch. / ? / HMV X 6572 /
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