Ten thousand miles
(Tror du att jag förlorad är)

			T&M: Mary Rose Bruce

As I walked one ev'ning late,
and drinking of sweet wine.
I thought  my heart would surely break,
for my love you left behind.

	Then thousand miles away from home,
	then thousand miles you'll be.
	And the loss of you will break my heart,
	and mean the death of me.

And who will shoe your pretty little feet,
and who will kling to you?
And who will dry my lonesome tears,
when I'm all alone and blue.

	Then thousand miles............

The night before we said goodbye,
you vowed we'd never part.
You promised to be always true,
but you've gone and broken my heart.

	Then thousand miles...........

Inspelning(ar): Sång / Svend Asmussens kvint. / / Metronome B 1047 (DK) /
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