The Bells of St. Mary's
(När klockorna ringa i kväll i St. Mary)

				T: Douglas Furber
				M: A. Emmett Adams

The bells of St, Mary's at sweet even tide,
shall call me beloved, to come to your side.
And out in the valley in sound of the sea,
I know you'll be waiting, yes waiting for me.

	./.The Bells od St. Mary's, Ah! Hear they are calling,
	The young loves the true lovet.
	Who come from the sea,
	and so my beloved when red leaves are falling,
	the love bells shall ring out ring out,
	for you and me../.

Inspelning(ar): Bing Crosby / Orchestra (John Scott Trotter) / / Decca / BM 3635 / Don lage chorus, The / Vogue R 710 / Instrumental / Musikens. Fredsklockorna / 1952 / Pax / 6 / Vera Lynn / Rae Jenkins' quartet / 6 apr 1938 / Decca / F 6662, F 7940 /
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