The Shifting, whispering sand
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(Röda sandens dal)

				T&M: Jack Gilbert  Mary Hadler 

            A                                                               E7
Yes, it always whispers to me of the days of long ago.
when the settlers and the miners fought the crafty Navajo.
How the cattle roamed the valley, happy people worked the land,
and now everything is covered by the shifting, whispering sand

How the miner left his buckboards, went to work his claims that day,
and the burros broke their halters when they thought he'd gone to stay.
How they found the ancient miner lying dead upon the sand,
After months they could but wonder if he died by human hand.

A7                   D                                                A
	So they dug his grave and laid him on his back and crossed his hands,
	            H7                                      E7
	And his secret still is hidden by the shifting whispering sands.

This is what they whispered to me, way out on that quiet desert air,
of the people and the cattle and that miner lyin' there.
If you want to learn the secret, wander through this quiet land,
And I'm sure you'll hear the story of the shifting, whispering sands.

Inspelning(ar): Eamonn Andrews / Orch. / 1956 / Jim Reeves /Orch. / 1961 / Johnny Cash / Orch. / 1965 / Ken Nordene / Billy Vaughn & His Orch. / 1955 / Rusty Draper / Orch. / 1955 / Sheb Woolley / Orch. / 1960 / Sons Of The Pioneers, The / Orch. / 1965 /
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