When it's springtime in the rockies
(När det våras ibland bergen)

				T: Mary Hale Woolsay & Milt Taggart
				M: Robert Sauer

The twilight shadows deepen into night dear,
the city lights are gleaming o'er the snow.
I sit alone beside the cherry fire dear,
I'm dreaming dreams from out that long ago.
I fancy it is springtime in the mountains,
the fllowers with their colors are a flame.
And every day I hear you softly saying:
"I'll wait until the springtime comes again."

	When it's springtime in the rockies,
	I am coming back to you.
	Little sweet-heart of the mountains,
	with your bonny eyes of blue.
	Once agan I'll say: "I love you"
	while the birds sing all the day,
	When it's springtime in the rockies,
	in the rockies far away.

Inspelning(ar): Gene Autry / String music acc. / ? / Columbia C 256 /
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