Ole' faithful
(Gamle Svarten)

				T&M: M. Carr - H. Kennedy

  C                     F                      C
Ole Faithful, we rode the range together,
Ole Faithful, in ev'ry kind of weather.
                 C                            C7
When your round up days are over,
                 F                             C
There'll be pastures white with clover,
                   G7                      C
for you, Ole Faithful, pal o' mine.

 C                                                                            F  C
Hurry up ole fellow, 'Cause the moon is yellow tonight.
Hurry up ole fellow, 'cause the moon is mellow and bright.
                C                           C7
There's a coyote howlin' to the moon above,
     F                              C
So carry me back to the one I love.
                                                 G7                    C
Hurry up ole fellow,'Cause we gotta get home tonight.

Inspelning(ar): Vocal chorus / Billy Cotton and his band / 1934 / Regal Zonophone MR 1426 /
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