Maria Elena
(Svensk tx.)

				T: S.K. Russel
				M: Lorenzo Barcelata

Like falling rain to a flow'r
or like the shore to the sea.
Like munutes are to an hour,
darling so you are to me.
Thi I can never disquise,
here in my heart and my eyes.

	Maria Elena you're the answer to my pray'r
	Maria Elena can't you see how much I care.
	To me your voice is like the echo of a sigh,
	and when you're near, my heart can't speak above a sigh.
	Maria Elena say that we will never part,
	Maria Elena take me to your heart.
	A love like mine is great enough for two,
	to share this love it really all I ask of you.

Inspelning(ar): Instrumental / Ernie Englund med hammondensamble / 20 maj 1954 / Metronome J 331 / Svend Asmussen / Svend Asmussen och hans kvintett / 30 sep 1942 / Sonora Swing 567 / Sven-Olof Sandberg / Willard Ringstrands orkester / 5 jun 1942 / Sonora 7075 / Sång (Dorsey Anderson) / Tony Pastor and his orchestra / 2 apr 1941 / HMV X 6741 /
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