Lucky lips
(Slit och släng)

When I was just a little girl with long silky curls
Mama told me, "Honey, you've got more that other girls.
Now, you may not be good looking but you'll soon wear diamond clips
and you'll never have to worry 'cause you've got lucky lips."

	 Lucky lips are always kissing,
	 lucky lips are never blue.
	 Lucky lips will always find
	 a pair of lips that will be true.
	 I don't need a four-leaf clover,
	 rabbit's foot or good luck charm.
	 With lucky lips I'll always have
	 a fellow in my arms.

I never get heartbroken, no, I'll never get the blues
and if I play that game of love I know I just can't lose.
When they spin that wheel of fortune all I do is kiss my chips
and I know I picked a winner 'cause I've got lucky lips.

	 Lucky lips are always kissing.....
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