Love letters in the sand
(Kärleksbrev i sanden)

				T: Nick & Charles Kenny
				M: ??

The sunbeams kissed the sands,
my fate was in your hands.
The day I met you dear,
and thought you've gone
your mem'ry lingers on,
I can't forgrt you dear.

	On a day like today,
	we passed the time away,
	writing loveletters in the sand.
	How you laughed when I cried,
	each time I saw the tide,
	take our loveletters in the sand.
	You made a wow, that you,
	would always be true.
	but somehow, that wow,
	ment nothing to you.
	Now my poor heart just eaches,
	with every wave it breaks,
	over love letters in the sand. 

While precious teardrops fall,
your mem'ry I recall,
and days that used to be.
The skies were blue above,
it was the dawn of love,
but you've forgotten me.

	On a day.........
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -