Sleepy lagoon
(En stilla lagun)

				T: Jack Lawerence
				M: Eric Coates

A sleepy lagoon, a tropical moon,
and two on an island.
A sleepy lagoon, and two hearts in tune,
in some lullaby land.
The fireflies gleam reflects in the streem,
the sparkle and shimmer.
A star from on high, falls out of the sky,
and slowly grows dimmer.
The leaves from the trees, all dance in the breez,
and float on the ripples.
We're deep in a spell, as nightingales tell,
of roses and dew.
The memory of, this moment of love,
will haunt me forever.
A tropical moon, a sleepy lagoon,
and you!

Inspelning(ar): Carl Holmberg / Rhythm masters, The / 1942 / HMV X 6788 / Instrumental / Emil Iwrings ensamble / nov 1942 / Columbia DS 1375 / Instrumental / Eric Coates and symphony orchestra / Columbia GN 977 (N) / Instrumental / Moe Benna, skandiaorgel / 4 jun 1951 / Musica A 3261 /
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