Jealous heart 
(Hjärtats röst)

				T&M: Jenny Lou Carson
            A                                     E7
Jealous heart, oh jealous heart stop beating,
                                                     A          E7
can't you see the damage you have done.
               A                         E7
You have driven her away forever,
                                                A    A7
jealous heart, now I'm the lonley one.
         D                              A
I was part of ev'rything she planned for,
       E7                                    A    A7
and I know she loved me at the start.
               D                                A
Now she hates the sight of all I stand for,
     E7                                      A
all because of you, oh jealous heart

You have filled my conscience full of sorrow,
for I know she never was untrue.
Jealous heart, why did you make her hate me,
now there's nothing, left but jealous you.
Many times I trusted you to guide me,
but your guiding only brought me tears.
Why, oh way must I have you inside me,
jealous heart, for all my lonely years.

Jealous heart, why did I let you rule me,
when I knew the end would bring me pain.
Now she's gone, she's gone and found another,
oh, I'll never se my love again.
Through the years her memory will haunt me,
even tho, we're many miles apart.
It's so hard to know she'll never wants me,
'cause she heard you beating jealous heart.

Inspelning(ar): Al Morgan / Orchestra / London L 500 /
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -