Goodnight Irene!
(Godnatt Irene)

				T&M: Huddie Leadbetter - John Lomax

Last saturday night I got married,
me and my wife sattled down.
Now me and my wife are parted,
I'm gonn'a take another stroll down town....

	Goodnight Irene, goodnight
	Irene, goodnight.
	Goodnight Irene, Irene, goodnight.
	I'll see you in my dreams.

Stop ramblin', stop your gambling,
stop stayin' out late at night.
Go home to your wife and your family,
sit down by the fireside bright.

	Goodnight Irene......

Inspelning(ar): Sven Lindberg / Sam Samsons ork / 24 okt 1950 / Musica A 3155 /
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -