I know why

				T: Mack Gordon
				M: Harry Warren

Why do robins sing in December,
long before the springtime is due?
And even though it's snowing,
violets are growing.
I know why and so do you.

Why do breezes sigh ev'ry ev'ning,
whispering your name as they do?
And why have I the feeling,
stars are on my celing?
I know why and so do you.

When you smile at me,
I hear gypsy violins,
When you dance with me,
I'm in heaven when the music begins,
I can see the sun when it's raining,
hiding ev'ry cloud from my view,
And why do I see rainbows when you're in my arms?
I know why and so do you.

Inspelning(ar): Paula Kelly - The Modenaires / Glenn Miller orch. / 7 maj 1941 / HMV BD 5720 /
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -