Hello Mary Lou
(Hallå Mary Lou)

				T&M: Gene Pitney
	         A                        D         Dm			
	I said Hello Mary Lou, goodbye hart,
	         A                     H7                  E7
	sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you.
	         A                 C#7            F#m
	I knew Mary Lou, we'd never part,
	         A          E7                     A
	so hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart.

You passed me by one sunny day,
     D                             Dm
flashed those big brown eyes my way
      A                  H7              E7
and oh I wanted you for ever more.
     A                                A7
Now I'm not one who gets around,
     D                         Dm
I swear my feet stuck to the ground,
      A                        E7                  A
and thought I never did meet you before.

	I said Hello Mary Lou, goodbye hart....

I saw your lips, I heard your voice,
believe me I just had no choise,
wild horses couldn't make me stay away.
I thought abouta moonlight night,
my arms around you, good and tight,
That's all I had to to see for me to say

	I said Hello Mary Lou, goodbye hart...

Inspelning(ar): Ricky Nelson / Orchestra /? / California /
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