Greetings to the home folks 
(Hälsa dem därhemma)

				Eng.T: Okänd
				M: Edith Worsing

In the quiet of the night
Keeping watch by soft star-light
Sailing far at sea I stand
thoughtful and alone
From beyond the pow'r of sight
comes the whir of bird wings light
Soaring northward to the cooler
new-blown spring at home

	Carry greetings with you
	to the distant shore
	Greetings to my loved ones,
	and her whom I adore.
	All my thoughts go with you
	as you fly away
	Greetings, warmest greetings
	at the break of day.

Toward the south and toward the north
Men have ever ventured forth
East and west across the sea,
Ev'rywhere to roam
But when months and many miles
Keep us from our dear ones smiles
With the migrant birds our thoughts
go warmly winging home

	Carry greetings with you...
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -