The girl in the rain
 (Flickan i regnet)

				T: Eric Flenn
				M: Jack Stanley

I'm not like most guys,
I don't like sunshine.
Nor do I like blue skies, I like showers,
'cause they remind me
of two sweet hours,
cuddling in the rain with you.

Do you remember kisses in the rain,
that night I met you again.
You were divine,
and you were mine,
you said you would remain.

You were so lovely, as I held you tight,
and heaven was mine that night.
But in the rain -
I can't explain,
you fled from me.

Maybe you're just a dream, I sure don't know,
Oh, darling I love you so.
But where are you?
I feel so blue,
come back to me.

Inspelning(ar): Sven Lindberg / Sam Samsons ork. / 21 mar 1951 / Musica A 3194 /
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