I'm feelin' blue 

C                                            G7
I'm feelin' blue, 'cause she's not here to greet me,
when I've returned for good to settled down.
                              E7                   F
I can't beleive the ugly news that meet me,
    C                 G7                    C
roumers that I hear all over the town.

It makes me mad to hear she took my brother,
when I was nice and left her in his care.
On top of that she cheeted with another,
that's too much for any man to bear.

	You should have known.....
	I should have known, but I've got ??
	You should have known.....
	I was a fool, but now I've learned
	Still i believe all the good thing that I want to
	so I won't go arount feelin' blue

I have had a girl or two so who am I to judge,
we'll forgiven start and you forgive.....grudge
I'm feelin' blue but tears will get me nowhere,
so I'll keep cool till I find out the score.
I know her face and I just got to go there,
or I'll keep feelin' blue for ever more.
- Tillbaka -
- Till första sidan -