Easter parade
(Ur filmen: Holiday Inn)
(På promenaden) 

				T&M: Irving Berlin

Never saw you look
quite so pretty before.
Never saw you dressed,
quite so lovely; what's more.
I could hardly wait
to keep our date.
This lovely Easter morning,
and my heart beat fast,
as i came trough the door - for:

	In your Easter bonnet,
	with all the frills upon it,
	you'll be the grandest lady
	in the Easter parade.
	I'll be all in clover,
	and when they look you over,
	I'll be the proudest fellow,
	in the Easter parade.
	To the park we'll go,
	round Rotten row.
	The photographers will snap us,
	and then you'll be seen,
	in the smart magazine.
	Oh, I could write a sonnest,
	about your Easter bonnet,
	and of the girl i'm taking,
	to the Easter parade.

Inspelning(ar): Instrumental / Harry James and his orch. / Parlophone R 2972 / Judy Garland - Fred Astaire / MGM Studio orch. / 1949 / MGM 6019 / Perry Como / Orch. / HMV BD 1171 /
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