Deep purple
(Än en gång)

				T: Mitchell Parish
				M: Peter de Rose

The sun i sinking low behins the hill
I loved you long ago, I love you still.
Across the years you come to me at twilight,
to bring me love's old thrill.

	When the deep purple falls,
	over sleepy garden walls
	and the stars begin to flicker in the sky.
	Thru the mist of a memory,
	you wander back to me,
	breathing my name with a sigh.
	In the still of the night,
	once again I hold you tight,
	tho' you're gone
	your love lives on,
	when moon-light beams,
	and as long as my heart will beat.
	lover, we'll always meet'	
	here in my deep purple dreams.
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