Dear one

				 T&M: J.F.  Finneran & V.C. Finneran

When the mailman came to our house this mornin',
I was waitin' right there for him at the door.
But when I opend up an read your last letter,
then I knew that I would wait for him no more.

	'cause you said: Dear one,
	there's something I have to tell you.
	Dear one, there's something I have to say.
	Dear one, he starred off, well, you know how it is,
	and dear one, he stoled my heart away.

Now please don't cry (please don't cry),
try not to be sad (try not to be sad).
I've tried and tried (I tried and tried),
not to hurt you bad (not to hurt you bad).
I tried so hard (I tried so hard),
for not to give in (for not to give in).
But I lost my head, and I lost my heart,
then I lost my love to him.

	'cause you said: "Dear one...

	'cause you said: "Dear one...

Inspelning(ar): Larry Finnegan / orkester / 1962 /
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