La Cucaracha
(Sv. txt)

				Eng T: ??
				M: Mexikans folkmelodi

All the maidens are of pure gold,
all the married girls are silver,
All the widows ar of copper,
and old woman merely tin.

	The cucaracha, the cucaracha,
	doesen't want to travel on.
	Because she hasn't, oh no she hasen't,
	marijuana for to smoke.

All the girls up at Las vegas,
are most awful tall and skinny.
But they're worse for plaintive pleading,
than the souls i Putagory.

	The cucaracha.........

All the girls here in the city,
don't know how to give you kisses.
While the ones from Albuquerque,
stretch their necks to avoid misses.

	The cucaracha..........

All the girls from Mexico,
are as pretty as a flower.
And they talk so very sweetly,
fill your heart quite up with love.

	The cucaracha...........

One thing make me laugh most hearty -
Pancho Villa with no shirt on.
Now the Carranzistas beat it,
because Villa's men are coming.

	The cucaracha...........

Inspelningar: La Cucaracha / Billy Grossman / Billy Grossmans ork. / 23 jan 1935 / Cameo 370, 371 / La Cucaracha / Billy Grossman / Billy Grossmans ork. / 23 jan 1935 / Tellus 1370, 1371 / La Cucaracha / Eskil Eckert-Lundin / Macce Bergs Specialork. / jan. 1935 / Sonora 3038 / La Cucaracha / Ref.sång (Ragnar Viberg) / Dansork. / 18 jan 1935 / Dixi 129 / La Cucaracha / Vocal chorus / Ambrose and his orchestra / Decca F 5283 /
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