Cool Water

				T&M: Bob Nolan

All day I've faced, a barren waste,
without the taste of water.
Cool water!
Old Dan and I, with throats burnt dry,
and souls that cry for water.
Cool, clear water.

	Keep a movin Dan,
	don't you listen to him Dan,
	he's a devil not a man,
	and he spreads the burning sand with water.
	Dan can you see, that big green tree,
	where the water's running free,
	and it's waiting there for me and you.

The nights are cool, and I'm a fool,
each star's a pool, of water.
Cool water!
But with that dawn, I'll wake and yawn,
and carry on for water.
Cool, clear water.

	Keep a movin. ........

The shadows sway, and seem to say,
"Tonight we pray for water."
Cool water!
And way up there, he'll hear our pray'r
and show us where there's water.
Cool, clear water.

	Keep a movin. ..........

Dan's feet are sore, he's yearning for,
just one thing more than water.
Cool water!
Like me I guess, he'd like to rest,
where's there's no quest, for water.
Cool clear water.

	Keep a movin............

Inspelning(ar): Karl-Erik "Cacka" Israelsson / Solistens. / 14 nov 1952 / Odeon SD 5682 / Staffan Broms / Charles Norman quintet / 23 apr 1952 / Metronome J 231 / Nellie Lutcher / Nellie Lutcher and her rhythm / 28 dec 1947 / Capitol C 15148 /
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