When I'm cleaning windows.

			T&M George Formby

I go window cleaning,
to earn an honest bob.
For a nosey parker,
it's an interesting job.

Now it's a job that suits me,
a window cleaner you should be.
If you can see what I can see,
when I'm cleaning windows.

	In my profession I work hard,
	but I'll never stop.
	I'll climb the blinking ladder till,
	I get right to the top.

The honeymooning couples too,
you should see the bill and coo.
You'd be suprised the things they doo,
when I'm cleaning windows.

The blushing bride, she looks devine,
the bridegoom he is doing fine.
I'd rather have his job than mine,
when I'm cleaning windows.

	In my profession...............

Chambermaid sweet names I call,
it's a wonder I don't fall.
My mind's not on my work at all,
when I'm cleaning windows.

I know a fellow, such a swell,
he was a thirst, that I could tell.
I'v seen him drik his bat as well,
when I'm cleaning windows.

	In my profession................

Pyamas lying side by side,
ladies' nighties I have spied.
I've often seen what goes inside,
when I'm cleaning windows.

Ther a famous talkie-queen,
she looks a flapper on the screen.
She's more than eighty then eighteen,
when I'm cleaning windows.

	In my profession...........

She pulls her hair all down behind,
and then pulls down her - never mind,
and after that pulls down the blind,
when I'm cleaning windows.

An old maid walks round the floor,
she's so fed up one day I'm sure,
she'll drag me in and lock the door,
when I'm cleaning windows.

	In my profession...........

Inspelning(ar): George Formby / Harry Bidgood and his orchestra / 21 jan 1950 / Decca F 9444 / George Formby / Orchestra / 27 sep 1936 / Regal Zonoph. MR 2199 /
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