Chickery Chick
(Sv. verion)

				T: Sylvia Dee
				M: Sidney

Once ther lived a chicken who would say,
"Chic-chick, chick-chick" all day.
Soon the chick got sick and tired of just,
"chick-chick", so one morning he started to say:

./."Chickery chick, chala chala,
checkala romey in a bananika.
Wolika wolika can't you see,
chickery chick its me! ./.

Ev'ry time you're sick and tired of just the same old thing,
sayin' just the same old words all day,
be just like the chicken who found something new to sing.

Open up your mouth and start to say,
Oh! Chickery-chick chala-chala.
chekala romey in a bananika
Wolika wolika can't you see
chickery-chick its me!
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