Isle of Capri

				T&M: Will Groz

'twas on the Isle of Capri that I found her,
beneth the shade of an old valnut tree.
Oh, I can still se the flowers blooming 'round her,
                 C             G7           C
where we met on the Isle of Capri.

She was as sweet as the rose of the dawning,
but somehow Fate hadn't ment her for me.

And tho' I sailed with the tide in the morning,
             C                  G7           C          C7
still my heart's on the Isle of Capri.

  	  F                                     C
	Summertime was nearly over,
	  G7                         C
	blue Italian skies above.
	    F                           C
	I said: "Lady, I'm a rover,
	   D7                                           G    G7
	can you spare a sweet word of love?"

She whispered softly: T'is best not to linger",
then as I kissed her, her hand I could see.

She wore a plain golden ring on her finger,
          C                    G7         C
'twas goodbye to the Isle of Capri.

	Summertime was nearly over...

Inspelning(ar): Alan Dale / Ray Bloch and his orch. / Signature 15183 / Gaylords, The / Metronome B 657 / Instrumental / Primo Scalaís accordeon band / / Kristall 184 / Vocal chorus / Billy Cotton and his band / 1934 / Regal Zonoph. MR 1426 /
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